You're complaining about the police keeping and having (unlogged and unmonitored) access to a database.

I have the same concerns.

So I want the access logged and (the ability to) monitor.

Wanna catch a mobster? Get a reasonable cause, get a warrant and tap him up the ass.

And when your witnesses disappear, and your jury is threatened or bribed, (or the judge)... what then?

That's when RICO was passed.

Yes, its abused as hell now by prosecutors. I don't like its use.

You cant catchem dont change the law to provide criminal charges by denying the constitutional right to freedom of association.

It was more to deal with the "organized" crime part. The planned murders - now if you were *part* of it - even if you didn't pull the trigger - you could be held liable.

If you planned the bank robbery, you could be charged. If you drove the getaway car, they could charge you with more than running a red light.

And more importantly - when you caught more than 1 person, they couldn't all point the finger in a circle, making it hard to convict anybody.

I don't have a problem with convicting on conspiracies. Its not who you hang out with. Its who you hang out with when planning to break the law.