contains a police officer a duly appointed officer of the courts and yes I have damaged same in past. Dont come onto my private property at 3am when I have had a few drinks and try to order me to do anything when I havnt broken the law. I will and do get pissed. If I am in public and the duly appointed officer of the court observes illegal behavior and tickets me that is fine, a machine is not a duly appointed officer of the court. Anchorage had photo radar for school zones. I got a ticket and 2 points against my licence because a car I had sold over a year ago was observed going thru the light. A lot of people were pissed, I devised reflective tint for the windshield and a drop down flap for my licence plate. We the people gathered a petition that went onto the ballot that only a duly appointed officer of the court could issue any traffic ticket only if he personally observed the offence. This also got rid of the parking cops who were chasing people into parking lots to hand out expired plate tickets and noise violations. Now down here where people are totally cowed by the local money grubbers and are used to knuckling their forheads everytime thyeir betters nod at them will allow this kind of stuff. I wont. I am willing to go to jail to defend my rights. Always have and always will be. Like Muhamid Ali who said why should I go to Nam, dont know no vietnamese who call me nigger. He stood up at a tremendous personal cost for his personal rights as a human being. I will do the same.