Scofflawry is people jumping off a slippery slope.

But it doesn't matter. It isn't something that anyone can control. It isn't to be encouraged, exactly. It simply is the way people are.

I don't tell my kids it's OK to ignore laws. I'm probably a bit more scrupulous than most people in following laws, but I don't claim to be entirely clean either. I've been known to drive five over the limit from time to time, and I'm not about to apologize. I see laws as part of how we manage to live together as a society, and as such to be respected, but not as same mystical higher good. Which means those lovely statues of blindfolded women holding scales are wast..., um, no, actualy no well constructed statue of a woman wearing an outfit that only covers one breast is truly wasted on me. Still, I don't think that's what the architect had in mind.

And while scofflawry isn't pretty (unlike those statues) if it weren't for scofflaws, beverage-grade alcohol would be illegal in the USA right now.