If its not allowed, then there shouldn't be an issue, since its not legal.

Someone other than I will have to discuss that, however.

then there will be civil disobedience.

And there should be penalties for that.

Preferably, the reason would be addressed. Vandalism isn't a method of treating the root cause. If I don't like you, do you want me to key your car door? Break your windows?

I am so glad that you are happy with the arbitrariness of "49 MPH is Peachy: 51 MPH is $150"

What's arbitrary about that? Some speed limits are, but more often I find they're fixed for other reasons, such as consistancy. "Officer, I didn't know what the speed limit was *on this road*".

Exact speed is an easy thing to measure - but has little to do with competent driving.

Its got something, yes. When a 16 year old who jsut got his license roars by me at 110, I'm pretty sure he's NOT COMPETENT. And I want him to get ticketed.

So we decide to make it so arbitrary as +/- 1 mph = innocent/guilty (of something?) no matter What the conditions.

Damn, those are some good cameras you've got there in the UK, Peter.

They're able to track people across the country, and figure out based on time, the speed, with a margin of error less than a MPH!

The law says you don't drive over a speed. If you drive over that speed, you're in violation of the law.


People had a problem with 55. Its been changed.

They didn't just go cut down ever 55 MPH Speed Limit sign, they didn't destroy public property, jus because they wanted to break the law, they didn't destroy police cruisers.

They changed the law, to something that was more sensible.

We ever opt for the simplistic solution ... ego and dumbth

I've said it before, I'd be careful with those words you sling around. Better check the mirror.

You're the one with the problem, with the police using tools at their disposal, to punish people breaking the law. I'm not certain you can call someone else dumb, or has an inflated ego.

So... when someone breaks into your house (breaking the law), what tools will you allow the police to use to find the criminal?