sometimes Police officers pull you over for a routine check, and you did nothing wrong. You just happened to have a car of a certain color they were looking for, or they are out checking for stuff. They check your ID and license plate, make sure you aren't wanted for something, and then after half an hour or more they decide to let you go. Unless they think, due to some vauge description given by an eyewitness or something, that you could be the person they are looking for. White male in his 30's with a black coat and brown hair driving a white car, black male in his 40's with a blue coat driving a black car, whatever they didn't get a good look at the perp. Pull them all in if they even remotely look like the suspect, break open their heads if they resist arrest. Guilty until proven innocent, lock them up in a jail and give them one phone call. Ah you know the rest, get a good lawyer, hope you can prove to a judge and jury that you were not the one who did the crime, yadda yadda yadda.

In any case, our system is not perfect, and people have been convicted of crimes they didn't do before. True that the technology has gotten better over the past 20 years, better DNA testing, better evidence gathering, etc. But still, mistakes can be made.

In any case I heard of a few Police Stations using cameras on highways to take photos of cars that go over the speed limit and then if they can read the license plate they send the owner a ticket by mail. If your son or daughter borrows the car, you get the ticket. If someone behind you went speeding and your car was in front of theirs and appeared in the camera, you get the ticket.

Remember that Big Brother is watching with hidden cameras. If you don't get arrested for something, it might appear on one of those TV shows. If you happen to look like someone who was caught on tape, and the video was a bit blurry so you cannot make out the face details, then you could be the one getting railroaded!