95% of all speed enforcement is for revenue raising purposes only. Not for reckless driving.

After having almost been run off the road this weekend, I've got a slightly differnent thought on that.

That's 95% of the offenses noted, correct?

But, what do you do if you're not enforcing the speed laws? There's more variables there.

If you *never* stop people for speeding *unless* something happens or it seems to be dangerous, then there will be a lot *more* dangerous situations. Look at say, highway work zones. People have typically blasted through them... so many states now aggressively enforce the lower limit there, so people slow down and accidents in work zones (and fatalities to the workers) have dropped drastically in those states.

What if police never enforced school speed zones?

Its like a lot of things - you have to have the *possibility* there, to enforce behavior. And waiting until there's an accident to assign blame... especially when people presume/delude themselves that *they* won't have a problem, *they* are good enough.

And I damn sure wish there'd been a cop last night, when this jackass passed me in a no-passing zone, passed traffic at the next light in the turn lane (and then went into the intersection to cut in front of the van at the light), and was doing easily 120 on a rain-slick road, speed limit 55.

Without enforcement - that's what would be much more common.