"Look at Brandioch flailing down below."

Why is it that you are UNABLE to respond to questions about slavery?

Was it LEGAL?

Was it RIGHT?

Was breaking that law RIGHT or WRONG?

Your problem is that you equate LAW with RIGHT.

But such is not always the case.

So, you have a situation where RIGHT is NOT the same as LEGAL.

Which causes your world view to collapse upon itself.

If legal is not right and right is not legal
reality collapses and we have mob rule!

Now, let's see if you can grasp the fact that some laws are not "right".

Which will lead to the philosophical question of "do you obey laws that are not right".

Something to think about, we had this discussion in the military. The problem was very real there. Your commander could order you to perform illegal activities. Failure to follow his commands could result in your execution. So, what do you do?