I've stated my point, clearly.

You've perverted what I said, tried to change the subject/focus, tossed straw on top of me.

And honestly, you're better at that than I am at countering such things. So perhaps I might have to do "better", but I have "better" things to do with my time than try and keep you on track.

Because I disagree with your position does not mean that my position is badly thought out.

No, it doesn't [necessarily]. However, as evidenced by what you *did* say, its not well thought out, and you're flailing.

But I see in your current posting, references to banks (privately owned) aiming their ATM cameras at private property and happening to catch public property in their viewing sector.


You're the one who changed the focus to that.

When you said if someone [private person] takes your picture, you'll take their camera. So I asked, given your statement, what you were doing with those ATM cameras on the street? [Notice that I've not changed the focus, but merely asked you if you're doing what you say you will, (destroying the private cameras taking your picture today, on the street) or just talking] And you told me they didn't take pictures of people in public. Then I got you to realise that they do.

Now you're trying to say that I changed the conversation. Sorry, bub. *I* didn't.

I can't *make* you have a logical conversation. I've certainly tried.

And I'm not even going to bother with the rest of your flailing. That's all that you can call it.

I stand with what I said initially.

Its a slippery slope when people break the law, because they feel it unjust.

Because most people who you [may] disagree with, have a "reason" for doing what they do. Legal or illegal. In support, or in violation of the law.

Which is what the "law" is. A codified, single set of rules that [is supposed to] apply to EVERYBODY. If you don't like the law, work on changing it. Breaking it to protest it is said slippery slope. You destroying a camera, a criminal shooting a cop - the distance between those is arguable. I promise you the criminal will have plenty of "justifcation" for his action.

As I pointed out, slashing tires on the police cruisers is about on the same spot on the slope as destroying the cameras.

If you feel the law is so wrong that its worth you spending your life in prison/dying for your beliefs, and you can't get it changed, by all means, by $DIETY, get out there and go wild. There are times when that is needed and required. Or was, and nobody did. (Tim McVeigh felt that to be the case, one might note.)

But when you're talking about breaking the law, destroying public safety equipment to avoid a measly ticket for breaking the speed laws? I won't be there with you., bro, you're going that one, alone.