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New Firefox dumps core fairly regularly for me
I don't dispute that it is better than IE. But that isn't saying much.

According to [link|http://secunia.com/search/?search=firefox|http://secunia.com/s...h/?search=firefox], all that has been reported recently are denial of service attacks. But just over 3 months ago a whole ton of "execute arbitrary code" bugs were found in firefox, and I don't doubt that there are plenty more.

I have come to believe that idealism without discipline is a quick road to disaster, while discipline without idealism is pointless. -- Aaron Ward (my brother)
New Firefox/Deerpark 1.5 beta weird for me on MEPIS.
I installed the latest SimplyMEPIS beta (SimplyMEPIS_3.4-2.rc1.iso)on my T41. Firefox/Deerpark 1.5 beta acts very strangely:

1) The pageup/pagedown keys don't work (it acts as if it goes pagedown then immediately back to the top of the page).
[edit:] This problem seems to be resolved. I was trying to setup the desktop at 1400x1050 and part of the setup was stuck at 1024x768. Changing everything to 1024x768 has fixed this problem. (Apparently I need to edit some config files to get 1400x1050 working...) [/edit]

2) It seems to have no DNS cacheing at all. Every request to z involves about a 15 s delay while it looks up z's address, then there's a long "waiting".
[edit:] This problem seems to be gone as well. ? [/edit]

3) Konquerer seems to act a little better, so it seems to be something about Deerpark. [edit:] Konqueror is working fine now too. [/edit]

(I thought I updated to the released version of Firefox, but I can't seem to find it on the machine.)

Both of these things with Firefox are probably more related to some sort of MEPIS networking/X settings, but I've not had these types of problems with Firefox on Win2k.

Just another datapoint...

(Who's going to try the latest release of SimplyMEPIS, then may try Kubuntu. One of his goals for 2006 is to move as much as possible to Linux even if that means running WinforLin/etc. in Linux. [edit:] SimplyMEPIS 3.4-2.rc1 seems worth sticking with at the moment. [/edit])
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                                                                         Same question I offered Todd - (ben_tilly) - (16)
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                                                                                     Firefox and Safari - (tuberculosis) - (6)
                                                                                         Firefox dumps core fairly regularly for me - (ben_tilly) - (1)
                                                                                             Firefox/Deerpark 1.5 beta weird for me on MEPIS. - (Another Scott)
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                                                                                                     So I should probably add something to my webpage - (tuberculosis)
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