Something about small kids cripples the humour in guys.

But it will come back.

Some day, the tyke will be walking along and will slip.
And you will see it.
In real time.
And your brain will do the possibility for damage calculation.
And will decide it is low enough that you can crack a smile.
Just a little one. Really, a compressed smirk.
And roll your eyes.

And think: Clumsy fuck - must have got it from HER side.

And then it will do the apparent callousness VS guilt calculation.
Along with the chance for getting caught, ie: Wife in the room?

Note: All of this is happening while the kids is flailing his arms
to gain balance. There are no sharp tables edges around, only
very cussiony couch pillows and soft carpet. You are out of range
so there is nothing you can do to help.

That is the day the humour starts creeping in.

Can take a LONG time though.