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New That brings up a point.
The modern Christian church is largely a product of taking Paul's side when he and Peter clashed about how much of the Jewish Law applied to these new-fangled 'Christians'. Paul's general approach was that the minutae of practising it largely did not apply. If you ever encounter any, Jews that call themselves Messianic Jews are based on Peter's side. They follow the Judaistic law, but they also recognise Jesus as the Messiah, so they're Christians, too.


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New Yes, Christianity as normally formulated . . .
. . is not so much an offshoot of Judaism as it is a sub-cult of the Pagans (var. cult of the dying god). It's a pastiche of what was going on at the time: the cult of Isis and Osiris, the Krishna cult, possibly Buddhism and most particularly Mithraism (the mystery religion of the Roman Legions). Much of the Judaism (adoption of the Old Testament, etc.) is sort of added on later to support the authority of the church.

There is no reason whatever for a Christian to follow Jewish dietary law. In any case, much of that appears to have been concocted to make Jews "different" to keep them from fading into the populations of city folks.

The error of Christianity is not its content but to proclaim itself the whole story and deny all else when it is actually just a sub-cult.
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