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New What about other weird stuff?
Is all the other weirdness in the Old Testament, such as [link|http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Exodus%2021:20-21;&version=31;|Exodus 21:20-21], discarded as well? That would be a reasonable, theological answer but, if so, it begs the question why Christians still keep it in their holy book. It's just weird shit that's of no use and attracts incorrect criticisms like that website. Surely, at least the covenant can be dumped into an historical archive? I'm just wondering why the obvious isn't done.
Matthew Greet

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- Mark Renton, Trainspotting.
New Without the link to the OT
the early Christian church could be viewed as just another regional sect. The OT is kept as part of the canonical text to show that Jesus is the fulfillment of OT prophecies, but view that the day to day requirements of being a Jew were considered null and void because of the crucifixion and resurrection became the dominant view of the early church. Sort of a PR move to increase the size of the following, because at the time there were more people in that area of the Roman Empire who were associated with the Jews and tried to follow their laws than who wanted to fully convert.

There is a lot of dispute about Paul and his influence on the early church, but I don't get the impression he hated women. From what I read he truly believed the Jesus was coming back, so marriage was irrelevant but not bad. It was later church leaders who misread a lot of his writings and promoted the view of women that can be viewed as misogynistic. Paul seems to be a more complex figure than he is usually portrayed as.

But, back to your point, from an outsiders perspective, it certainly seems that different variants of the the Christian church pick and choose which parts of the OT to apply and which to update or ignore. This situation doesn't seem like it is going to change anytime soon.
New since slavery was widely practiced until fairly recently
in most countries, rules about the treatment of them makes sense. I mean your country has similar laws about mistreating animals dont you? In some parts of the muslim world and in wasp NY households, slavery is still practiced, I believe the muslim rules are also taken from that era so it still has relevance.
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