Maybe she would rank first (or last) if we ranked politicians on there ability to tell the truth, but what does that tell us about how she compares to Shrub?

Is she going to forgo the veto and use signing stmts to ignore the laws she doesn't like?

Is she going to ignore the rest of the world and do whatever she wants?

Is she going to disregard worries of separation of Church and State to support Christian charities as a solution to our social ills?

Is she going to continue the use torture? Find inventive ways to avoid complying with the Geneva Convention? Take away the writ of Habeas Corpus from more people?

I could go on, but it takes more than being a good, or even an excellent, liar to get into Shrub's league. I don't put Hillary, or any other candidate, in that league. But, I also think he is unique among presidents in the amount of damage he has done to this country.

Does Hillary outrank all the other candidates in her ability to lie? I don't know. I am looking for a candidate with the balls to actively undue the carnage Shrub will leave behind; I don't see Hillary as that candidate.