the two pretty much outlined the path towards dissolution; hoped we wouldn't Do That -- Franklin {appeared to} believed it inevitable "after a time.."

Neither had a plan for (later-on) undoing the cowardice, corruption of the masses -- their vulnerability to manipulation by the public circuses, the de-sinning of Greed, etc. Perhaps the oil thing + temperatures -?- shall seed the major overhaul so evidently required.

But not before blood in the streets, IMO - 'we' lack the guts even to throw out our 'Shogun' and his sock puppet Pretender, despite that litany of rilly stupid moves.. so why would the US consumer face even deeper introspection (while the stores are still full of pretty Toys?) Bringing out the guns First will be ever-so-much more personally satisfying. For some period (?) which nobody could estimate.

[link|| The Hippies Were Right!] per Mark Morford - nevermind the plebian focus upon the dope, the hair, the free sex, the Purittanical piece of dung within every Murican gene... Every office slave subliminated his/her envy of a rat-race freed 'person', while mouthing the grade-school excoriations of a POV they never examined for a second.

Their general realization that, "The Things weigh you down much more than buoy you up" -- has yet to sink in, of course. Muricans still believe, I Am What I Bought .. but sans free oil: We'll See what shiny new slogans are coined to justify the Inevitable as, "what I really wanted all along, y'know? cha cha"

Parts of this could be rilly Fun, if enough relax and enjoy having More of 'Less stuff.'