Businesses OFTEN had to pay MS tax twice..buying machines pre-loaded and then paying MS for the priveledge of loading a corporate windows build over top. Name me one manager that would CHOOSE that?

Consumers NEVER HAD A CHOICE. Its been that way for so long that they never even knew there was one to be made.

Starting to think that maybe the shill tag is starting to fit.

It has nothing to do with me liking or disliking the choice. There was never a choice offered to like or dislike. Read that. NEVER.

You completely ignored the fact that I can order from a half dozen processors, 3 or 4 different sound architectures, a half dozen monitors, with or without camera, with or without modem, with or without wireless...but I still have no choice regarding the OS..even though there are alternatives.

While I was giving you the benefit of the doubt to've proven that you are 1) beholden to MS or 2) beyond rational thought.