only Pete W actually addressed this directly by saying that that company would have to pay full price for Windows (which according to the vast majority in this thread they wouldn't need and if they're not buying then it wouldn't matter if MS charged them 10000% more than they charge Dell)
No. If the company offered to sell me a computer with no OS, or with a non-Windows OS, that company would have to charge me for Windows anyway. If they didn't charge me for a copy of Windows that I didn't want, they would have to charge everyone else they sell a computer to the full retail price. That would make their Windows offering non-competetive.

So if a manufacturer wants to sell any computers with Windows on them, they have to charge for Windows on all of them. That means that if I want to buy a Dell, I am going to be paying for Windows. There are no large manufacturers with 24x7 support, worldwide distribution, and enterprise-level support capabilities that will sell me a PC without charging me for Windows.