All I can offer are prayers and wishes that things get better also. Your family situation sounds even worse than some of mine, and that's hard to accomplish.

We were granted a miracle for Thanksgiving though, which was very unexpected. We thought Katie's brother Fred, (the late Aunt Jeffie's son), was going to die several days before Thanksgiving.

He was having more seizures, was unable to keep anything down, and was dehydrating fast. They admitted him to the hospital I believe, Mon night before the holiday. His son called me, in tears, afraid he would lose his dad. He was unable to get up here from Houston, MO. We all prayed, we called people, we reassured people, and we waited.

It was determined that Fred had had a mild stroke the Friday after the funeral, which was what was causing the small seizures. It was also determined that he had a virus, which was causing the sickness, not the chemo that he had started the week before after the cancer came back. From death's door that night, to sitting up and talking Weds, and home for Thanksgiving at my parent's home on Thursday. An absolute miracle.

I had an okay Thanksgiving myself, had a couple spars with SIL, and wasn't terribly comfortable, but I was okay I guess. However, I was getting sick and didn't know it, and fell ill with bronchitis shortly before Thanksgiving. Started an Antibiotic, but had to feel worse before I felt better, and slept most of Black Friday, half of Saturday, and part of Sunday.

I think the bronchitis is gone, but I feel like I'm in a fog or something, like life is blurring past me and won't slow down. And the scariest part is I feel like I'm dealing with that all alone, which is silly, I have John and family, and friends, but I still feel coldly and solidly alone tonight with no explanation.

Anyway.. I'm still here, just in a hazy daze.