Without your own contentment, (and that of the one party whom you Chose to abide) none of the sacrifices escape that sour taste, right?

Ahh... The joys of a small house!
unencumbered by chattels to fill up, heat, insure.. said domicile with all the modrin cool $tuff - such pleasures are quite more than the obvious freedom from being owned by all those purchases -

the space factor sets a clear limit on the imaginations of those with eyes on that 'spare' bedroom / den / attic / basement or loft.

(Then too, as and when the aging children slouch off towards some sort of adulthood, eventually make their apologies for bratlike behavior.. in time, they may even become, actually welcomed? For visits. If You want.)

Meanwhile, hope you can take that chance, savor the delicious planning too -- to grab back your peace. :-)

..once, freed of the albatross of a 3-story mansion with chic views of three bridges.
Resolved thence: quoth the Raven, nevermore.