Gore gave no credit to a single mother making 35k. Bush's plan immediately gave $500 relief by doubling the child credit.

Playing fairly fast and loose with the rules there, eh? Of course, you're defining this solely to tax breaks which ignores the Child Care Credit (see, it's not a tax break, honest).

Not to mention the fact that Gore's plan included expanding EIC and standard deductables. So it's fairly disingenious to say that Gore gave poor single moms 'no credit'. It also ignore increases in standard deductable, etc. etc. etc. (We could spin this so many ways it's not funny.)

Which, in the end means nothing because Gore's plan never went forward anyway.

On the other comment...well...do you not think that there would be an instant replacement program? Since we're not spending on SDI...I'm sure the void would be filled with alternative programs.

Well, we'll see won't we. Bush is already making strong demands about sticking Congress to the budget. The important fact that *I* was pointing was that Congress is controlled by Republicans and they have to find the funding somewhere. But no doubt we'll keep blaming Democrats for taxes.