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New so you thought all that money was in a vault
under the whitehouse and bush opened it up and distributed it.
What surplus? there never was a surplus that was a trick the democrats used and the repos used to pretend that the economy was doing good. General revenues have never exceeded spending during clintons reign, that surplus was in SS receipts only. The SS system is a buncha IOU's not money sitting in a bank drawing interest. So now everyone finds that the PROJECTED surplus did not appear because the economy tanked over energy issues and the ponzi scheme called dot.com imploded the Dems are crying wolf over money thast wasnt there, isnt there and is never going to be there. All of social security funds not going out in checks is being handed to congress to spend bu t that hasnt changed in 40+ years. So what has changed? The tax cuts just limits the amount govt can spend and can be changed by any congress in any year.
I am much more pissed off that the Bush admin is appointing relatives and friends in every appointed slot available if you arnt related to bush or congress critters dont bother to apply. Powells kid in charge of FCC Helms kid 3 years out of law school in charge of 60 as US attorney of NC ad nauseum. feh a pox on both their houses.
Our bureaucracy and our laws have turned the world into a clean, safe work camp. We are raising a nation of slaves.
Chuck Palahniuk
New I know the money wasn't (isn't) in a vault.
The claim I was trying to make is that diverting some money owed to the SS Trust, it is the height of double-speak to say, "I didn't touch the SS Fund."

But, as before under Reagan, image supplants reality and the dutiful right-biased press is not pointing out this hypocrisy.
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                                                                     This one thankfully accepts your criticism and correction - (DonRichards)
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