Demographics R-us.
As I've not tried the still circuitous route to a single Test, I presume that just One 'twinge'* leaves me still curious
if I have, indeed gotten? some few-hundred? -thousand? beasties within--yet still sans any other clue.

* n-Months past, I experienced a moment of nausea. BUT--first time ever--sans the urge to get-self next to
The Throne--the always expected next event.
(I have experienced neither first nor usually successive event in donkeys' years usually isolated from small children or dyspeptic 'adults')

I cannot count on Lucky, Lucky natch--but I do put out on porch a cup of cocoa periodically, should She come by
for a test of my er, gratitude? Be Prepared
Hmmm ..mayhap a cuppa on the Crumbling's neat veranda? Couldn't hurt..
(I once walked beside Maharishi--a physicist he was too!)--when he came by Work. Will welcome his Attaboys too,
if that works in meta-space ..and he had a Ticket