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New Bloody hell, yes.
It's a simple calculation. Risk of COVID > risk of vaccine side effects.

Also, more people vaccinated = pubs re-opening sooner.

Of course, it remains to be seen what happens when Bill Gates gets control of you via the 5G nano-machines, but hey ho.
New I am old enough to remember the first polio vaccines
A childhood friend got the disease from a flawed manufacturing process
I'll wait until the kinks are worked out
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New Different type of vaccine
No live virus used, not even fragments. The vaccine is messenger RNA that has the body produce the spike protein (and only the spike protein) to give the immune system something to react to. You can't get COVID from these vaccines.

Also note: the vaccine took 2 days to create and it has been tested for over 10 months already.

Different type of vaccine, different process.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Still, it's good to be cautious and pay attention to the rollout.
E.g. https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-britain-vaccine/uk-warns-people-with-serious-allergies-to-avoid-pfizer-vaccine-after-two-adverse-reactions-idUSKBN28J1D1

Given the shambolic administration, it's fair to assume that the rollout to mere mortals will be hamhanded in the USA, at least until Biden's team gets a handle on it. It may be months before most of us have an opportunity to decide, and by then we should know much, much more about how the various vaccines work in normal (and not so normal) people.

tl;dr - almost nobody needs to decide right now.

New Wise words, should be atop each vial of the nostrum(s)
Have experienced anaphylactoid--only once, ever. Fortunately I was familar with the implications and savvy to the exact term:
when I went to Emergency desk, I Used that word: Got Stat attention and an antihistamine [IIRC] blocker.
(Later ..wondered how I managed the 10+ mile drive, all things considered).

I tot this up with the escape from a failed Scuba-regulator, in ocean at La Jolla Cove, So-Cal--wayback.
Anaphylactoid *SHOCK* IS a killer (didn't do the search for its mechanism, the Time you have to get the detox, etc.)
(Besides, had the Web been as of today: just the time to peruse stuff) ..well, you know..
But verily I say unto thee: as of today, I'm still Here. more-or-less.

And time to celebrate the Chops of the boffins at Vincent Engineers, Stevenage LTD, for their perspicuity in having made a machine
--easily capable of offing the un-wary--in a trice, so well-mannered as to follow my every command, sans Surprises, Thanks! you Brits.
aka: I owe my persistence quite more to the genius of Others than, to any innate-Brilliance. {sigh}
New Jaded-LRPD: I've never used said feature, but the top Google results include words like "issues",
"errors", "problem", and "madness".

Admin! .. your sl[e]ight-of-hand here, looms Hyarge.. but punterrific anyway.
New I told the story briefly here many years ago
…of my friend the nurse, who discovered to her surprise and dismay that she was violently and potentially lethally allergic to cucumbers. Fortunately this occurred in a hospital cafeteria—she was a young nurse trainee those many decades ago—so she was (A) among colleagues who instantly recognized the symptoms as her face turned scarlet, and (B) just happened to know where there was epinepherine to be had.

Regarding the vaccine, I read an account from someone in one of the clinical trials who, following the second dose, spent the next couple of days feeling like eight miles of exceedingly bad road, apparently experiencing all the known side effects, which fortunately is uncommon. I’m not looking forward to such an ordeal, but I am disposed to get the shot just as soon as CaesarCare makes it available sometime next year.

New Yeah, likely moi too..
Demographics R-us.
As I've not tried the still circuitous route to a single Test, I presume that just One 'twinge'* leaves me still curious
if I have, indeed gotten? some few-hundred? -thousand? beasties within--yet still sans any other clue.

* n-Months past, I experienced a moment of nausea. BUT--first time ever--sans the urge to get-self next to
The Throne--the always expected next event.
(I have experienced neither first nor usually successive event in donkeys' years usually isolated from small children or dyspeptic 'adults')

I cannot count on Lucky, Lucky natch--but I do put out on porch a cup of cocoa periodically, should She come by
for a test of my er, gratitude? Be Prepared
Hmmm ..mayhap a cuppa on the Crumbling's neat veranda? Couldn't hurt..
(I once walked beside Maharishi--a physicist he was too!)--when he came by Work. Will welcome his Attaboys too,
if that works in meta-space ..and he had a Ticket
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So does a burning bus.
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