in the larger milieu (if anything really does exist outside this continuum?) - the dysfunction in the basics of English is only increasing. And since any attorney can point out the havoc wreaked (another fine word used less.. then oft mispeeled or mis-spake) - by just one of those misplaced commas, well -

(Then too, it's been so long since I had to cite the Rulez, instinct is quicker and generally close-enough.) But ya can't do instinct later.. if'n ya never learned this stuff first. Many ~mid-20s never did, it seems by what I read elsewhere.

No es una problema for basic comprehension here, as you point out -- but I don't find CRC's reminders (while maybe shovelling shit against that tide of homogenized everything) to be other than a small effort to innoculate? against the daily language murder - much of it more and more like Ad-speak and TLA-nonspeak, elsewhere.

As we become post-literate via all those transistors and omnipresent icons, videos.
Suddenly it's Memphis (and not the one in TN); glyphs all around + bizspeak with \ufffds in lieu of any prior and difficult thought process.

As for the different styles here - yeah, nice simple declarative sentences from primers are fine for nice simple ideas and for sequential instruction manuals. And everyone could standardize on that as Style Sheet #1. I suppose. As to the others: none compels. If the content isn't worth it, it won't be missed.

(I can't comment upon the onerous requirement that some extra thought might be required for non-W3C Standard Style Sheets - might need to quote a line from Richard the III, in decidedly non-standard phrasing.)

Diffrunt strokes, er //s R'Us LLC