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New Maxwell worked out all this stuff years and years ago.
Maxwell's Equations tell you all you need to know about how E-M fields propagate in various media.

Yeah, E-M fields slow down in media other than light vacuum/air. And it's related to the dielectric constant (n) - or more precisely, the complex permittivity.

There are different kinds of dielectrics with different behaviors - ferroelectrics, anti-ferroelectrics, etc., etc. The dielectric properties can and do change as a function of applied electric field for many, many types of materials.

But almost none of this stuff matters at audio frequencies! That's how you know all this is woo. At microwave and mm-wave and visible frequencies (GHz to THz+) - yeah this stuff matters a lot.

At 20-20,000 Hz, nah, not so much.

And digital - yeah, digital doesn't care about 20-20,000 Hz audio signals either.

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New The clear, bright line for me
I would consider any enhancements to the analog signal to plausibly have an affect. But a digital signal is either there or not. You could have drops/interruptions in the signal, but there's no way a to alter the quality of the sound in a digital signal path.

New ^This^ is a sufficiency.
..and the inability to See that this must be so: is just another gauge of the deemed-irrelevance of Facts ... apparently not confined to the possibly-terminal political-seppuku now a Real Possibility
in this [formally defined by UN as] 'third-world'--call it 'Failed'-State.

(Never has Mr. Azimov's proposition re Ignorance in Murica been so perfectly proven as Now).
The audio version is, of course a very sub-subset of the Std Bizness Lie.
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New Almost.
Digital jitter is A Thing and can create audible artifacts. But that's the sort of thing error correction is supposed to help fix.

Despite all the advertised digital wizardry in my EarStudio (including things like jitter cleaning and oversampling which I leave off or on defaults), the single best feature it has is the inaudible noise floor.

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