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New Will you just stop it.
I mentioned Gore inventing the internet because the "universal service tax" they established and applied to phone bills was done the and done specifically (so they say) to improve connectivity. Heard much about Int2 since then?

I full well know who is in the white house now and I don't expect that this group or any other would pass up a chance to dig in my pocket.

Point is...Vonage is now a phone company. FCC finally says so. We've both known they were since we signed up.


Never pegged you as that gullible.
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New Just wanted you to admit
that Gore did not do this. That Republicans did. Not that Gore is exactly a hero to me.


Ha. What you SAID was "This is how Al Gore invents the internet". Gore did NOT do this. I am NOT that gullible.

In fact, Gore wanted a moratorium on taxes on Internet services (though he was PRO sales tax being imposed on sales over the 'Net) - he wanted to fund service to schools with the fee. Remember? When the telcos wanted to charge ISPs by the bit? When they would deliberately sabotage any kind of high speed access or charge HORRIBLE fees for it? The telcos did not WANT the Internet to exist as it does today, and they were trying like hell to prevent it from happening.

All this will do is make 'pure' VOIP systems that much more attractive, POTS that much LESS attractive. The imposition of this 'fee' (tax, lets be honest) makes the concept of universal digital access that much more important - something that the tel-locos are fighting to this day. But then, our country is really backwards in that respect.

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New It's a bit like J. Carter limiting the speed limit to 55
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                             It's a bit like J. Carter limiting the speed limit to 55 -NT - (Simon_Jester)
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                 Telcos received rate increases in the 90's - (tuberculosis)

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