Interesting time line but it doesn't refute what I've said in the prior post.

The time line complete ignores other equally important factors such as which parties controlled the House and Senate, international crises, natural disasters, industrial/economic revolutions (i.e. poliferation of automobiles, the transitor, the Internet, etc.), the arms/space race, etc.

Also, FDR had two terms to work on the economy before the War and the US didn't really recover until after the War. Why is Bush only given 8 months before judgement is passed?

Also, the Reps. fiscal policies of today are much more closely aligned with JFK's than are today's Dems. Ever hear JFK's 'we need a tax cut to stimulate the economy' speech? It really ticked of Teddy when the RNC played the speech on the radio to push for the Bush tax cut. Was JFK a closet Rep.?