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New As opposed to...
I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski. - Bill Clinton.

My dog takes the same drugs as her but they cost much less. - Al Gore.

I didn't know what Col. North was doing. - Ronald Reagan.

I will not lie to you. - Jimmy Carter.

We did not invade Cambodia. - Richard Nixon.

We did not invade Cuba. - John Kennedy.

We did not fly over the USSR. - Dwight Eisenhower.

The first atomic bomb was dropped on a military base. - Harry Truman.

And on and on. See [link|http://www.motherjones.com/sideshow/prezlies.html|Presidential Lies and Consequences] at Mother Jones.

Politicians sometimes lie. It's not exclusively a "Repo" affliction.

New How's that?
What did Carter lie about?
New A couple of examples.
[link|http://archive.nandotimes.com/nt/special/lang0216.html|A history of presidential lies
] from NandO.

Jimmy Carter: "I will never lie to you."

Yet Carter sometimes described himself during his campaign as a nuclear physicist when he was, in fact, educated at the Naval Academy as a nuclear engineer.

And Georgetown political science professor Stephen Wayne observes, "However much Carter made of never telling lies, he ended up in secret negotiations which Hamilton Jordan conducted for him with the Ayatollah Khomeini's representatives in Paris, and certainly not telling the whole truth about it."

But Wayne explains, "Presidents can't always disclose everything. And sometimes they are forced to provide misinformation."


I'm not claiming they're important lies, just that he didn't tell the full truth about everything (and nobody seriously expected him to. That was, to my mind, why his promise was disingenuous).

New Wow, are those nits ever small
Nuclear physicist vs. engineer ... I couldn't tell you the difference without looking it up, and I probably know more about both than 90% of the American voting public. That's a wash.

And not telling the world the full details of ongoing negotiations with a hostile foreign power, hell he'd have to keep some secrets. Keeping secrets isn't the same as lying.

If that's the worst anyone can come up with, that's just fine in my book.
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New I am unmoved.
The only way you could say that by withholding details of negotiations with the Ayatollah was "lying" would be to accuse Carter of a "lie by ommision". That's harsh, (to say the least). I mean, it's not like he went to the media and said, "We will never negotiate with terrorists" and then secretly traded arms for hostages and profits to divert to yet more terrorists.

Would Carter have been "lying" if some one in the White House Press Corps had said, "Are you negotiating with the Ayatollah" and Carter replied, "I cannot, for security reasons, go into that."? You seem to be saying he would, I think not.

And Physicist/Engineer? Wow! Imagine a politician telling that big a whopper during a campaign!
New Jimmy sure was a different President.
Although I was a little young (I was either 5 or 6 when he was elected - some joker put my birthday right next to election day!) to remember his election, I've always heard that he didn't so much win as Ford lost.

Kinda like Shrub and Gore. (Hell, whoever "won" that election, I wouldn't say that they won - rather that the other had lost. Nobody won that election.)

Anyways, he always reminded me of Mr. Rogers, and still does today. In fact, when I was a kid, I tended to get them confused. It might have been the sweater. I also had a crush on his daughter. (Anybody who gets to have a treehouse was cool in my book - and it was doubly cool that she got to have it on the whitehouse lawn!)

He has this weird kind of essence to him - of honesty, truth, and righteousness - that no other post-Kennedy president has ever seemed to capture. Reagan was a fake to me, Bush was a policy wonk, Clinton schmoozed charm, and Shrub is Shrub. Let's not go into Nixon.

In addition, his post-Presidential work in Habitat for Humanity is pretty damn cool. My feeling is he's the kind of president we need, despite his fumbles - and as such, not the kind of president that we'll ever get again.
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