My step mom had amazing cholesterol numbers, total ~ 130 mg/dl and nearly all the good stuff. Women in her side of the family often lived to be over 100. My father ate the same diet she did, always had cholesterol at 200 mg/dl.

(They both died of cancer - he from uveal melanoma that spread, she from cancer of the bile duct (a kind of pancreatic cancer) that spread - the same cancer that killed her father.)

Bodies are complicated. Genetics plays a big role, and I suspect that what may be a good diet for us when we're young and vigorous may be bad for us when we get older (IOW, there may be an age aspect in addition to exercise, weight, environment, etc.)

There's still so much that we don't know, even as we learn more every day. E.g. thread on Luvox and caffeine. Even information that is out there often doesn't get to the people who need it.

Best of luck you and to us all going forward!