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New I would hate it
I do fine movements with my fingers. This would require me to move my entire arm. No thanks.

New It makes sense for their target market
The two fingers that allow me to press a typical mouse causes my forearm to trigger pain.

Anybody in my pain situation will look at this ad and think that it's wonderful. When I use a trackball I use my thumb to press the button for dragging things. So this mouse would allow me to do that. Not like I want this mouse. I'm happy with my trackball. But for people that have my pain situation and have not come across a decent track ball, they would like this.
Expand Edited by crazy Dec. 11, 2021, 02:29:51 AM EST
New Fine finger movements still work
The only difference is the wrist angle.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
     Mouse troubleshooting - (drook) - (24)
         Depends on the mouse. £100 SteelSeries? Dismantle and troubleshoot. - (pwhysall) - (23)
             Yeah, was just trying to do something to fix the annoyance now - (drook) - (22)
                 I paid A LOT more... - (CRConrad) - (1)
                     SteelSeries Sensei Ten here. Ambidextrous. -NT - (pwhysall)
                 Beware Logitech - even their higher end mice - (scoenye) - (19)
                     Heh, we've got a different range for "cheap" - (drook) - (18)
                         I have no idea what that meant - (crazy) - (16)
                             $6 is kind of expensive for a mouse to me -NT - (boxley) - (14)
                                 Yeah, that's my range - (drook) - (13)
                                     I've become a fan of these Anker vertical things for $28. - (Another Scott) - (12)
                                         I have one of those - (malraux)
                                         What horrible marketing - (drook) - (8)
                                             Look again. - (CRConrad) - (7)
                                                 Easier way to visualize it. - (Another Scott) - (6)
                                                     I would hate it - (drook) - (2)
                                                         It makes sense for their target market - (crazy)
                                                         Fine finger movements still work - (malraux)
                                                     Why lift up your RIGHT forearm; doesn't it work for you if you do it with the left one? - (CRConrad) - (2)
                                                         Symmetrical yes, ambidextrous no - (crazy)
                                                         It's a right-handed vertical mouse. (I don't think they have a lefty version.) ;-) -NT - (Another Scott)
                                         I can't get on with those... - (pwhysall) - (1)
                                             The worst thing about them is the height - (malraux)
                             I too value my input devices - (pwhysall)
                         I didn't consider it cheap - (scoenye)

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