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New Well, at its top speed . . .
. . the Mixie runs a little less RPMs than a blender - but the blades are over twice as long, so tip speed may be even higher. I'm no smoothie expert, but I'd be surprised if it took 50 seconds. I guess I'll have to make one "for science".

Yes, it does heat what it grinds or blends, you can't apply that much wattage to grinding something without it heating it.

Incidentally, to grind 1/2 cup of garam masala fine from whole spices, including cloves, whole cardamom pods and cinnamon stick** takes it about 3 seconds.

** That's real Cinnamon, not the Cassia Bark called "Cinnamon" north of the Mexican border. It may take another second for Cassia.
New Ooh, now I want one
Or at least I want to see video of head-to-head comparison of the contenders.

New If I was still playing with DMT I would.
If you Google Mimosa hostilis you will see that it is a root of a particular tree that is sold on the web.

Note: I'd love to play with it but only if I lived in a state where it was legal. I've been damaged way too much. I've learned my lesson.

So in order to extract DMT from the root bark you have to grind that down to a powder. I burned out multiple blenders in the process. They are not built to grind root bark.

Now that I see the alternatives that are possible someday in the future in a legal state I might enjoy that again.
New you need to move to oregon
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New Yeah, they're following the Portugal route
Basically stop demonizing everything, if you get caught with drugs they feed you into a psychological evaluation. Then they try to funnel you into a rehabilitation program if they feel you're an addict.

Which means the 90% of us who dabble in various substances won't be destroyed by being arrested. We'd pay a $25 to $100 ticket if we were silly enough to get caught. We'd have to put up with an occasional hi how you doing interview.

Spoken as someone with a felony for a substance they are now showing to be beneficial.
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                     Right! -NT - (a6l6e6x)
             Well, at its top speed . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (4)
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                     If I was still playing with DMT I would. - (crazy) - (2)
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                             Yeah, they're following the Portugal route - (crazy)
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