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New The one I have is a Waring.
As I recall, Vitamix is rather pricy, and I don't do smoothies, ever. The shape of a blender jar is just unsuited to most of the things I do.

For things like Idli / Dosa batter, a food processor is useless - it can't get the batter anywhere near smooth. I have a heavy duty KitchenAid, which gets used 2 to 3 times a year. It got fabulous reviews, but is almost worthless to me because it's acceptable liquid level is much too shallow. You can't purée a saucepan of soup in it. I guess people use it mostly for shredding salads and the like. It's a bear to get out to the counter.

The thing I use almost daily is a whirling blade spice grinder, which gets permanent counter space. It has limitations in capacity, and can't handle anything with the slightest bit of oil.

The item that gets used several times a week is the Mini-Prep processor. Very good for many small things, and very easy to get out to the counter and easy to clean, but useless on spices and also can't handle anything dry with the slightest bit of oil.

Another thing that gets permanent counter space is the Coffee Grinder - Cuisinart, and it's fabulous. Grinds very fast, not too noisy, and never gets coffee grounds on the counter.

Also with permanent counter space is a big lift bowl KitchenAid mixer, basically a mini-Hobart, and over 40 years old now. It isn't used that often, but when it's needed there is no substitute. It also has a drum type slicer-grater, a heavy duty meat grinder (better than the KitchenAid one) and a Grain Grinder. The old KitchenAid grain grinder was useless, but the new one is quite good.

The big granite mortar with it's 3 pound pestle still gets plenty of use. There are things machines just don't do well enough, and they are a lot harder to clean. I confess though, that for some difficult items, I first run them in the Mini-Prep, then transfer them to the mortar for finishing. Saves a lot of pounding time.
New You can definitely puree a saucepan of soup in this.
And if you want it will heat the soup up for you as well.

It's pricey but we've already gotten our money's worth from it. I was going through a Ninja every 6 months or so because I wore them out.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New I prefer an immersion blender, don't like the thought of pouring hot soup
Although if I can cook in it I might try it.

New With what?
New The Vitamix.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Nope, not for me . . .
. . I'm very fussy about exact textures. Blending for a few seconds may be good for a base purée, but heating in a blender? Blending for 8 minutes or more? Nothing I'd be interested in.

That would be totally out of control. I rarely use a food processor for chopping, because by time they get stuff chopped evenly, it's chopped way too fine.
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