and reminds of my (wayback reported) tale of the guy--in DACHAU /the town,( where I was cashing a Travelers cheque
and about to visit Die Götterdämmerung Kamp) asking moi: Why does everybody hate us Germans?
And yes, I did offer a conciliatory reply; on-Inspection: this was NOT an occasion for blurting out any nasty lIsticles
as only a Murican thuggee wouild do /while salivating.

Travel broadens ..even in despair

My all-time fav Confucius Language quote was torn from a magazine (@prolly ~age 14) and I thought maybe it was a discarded
Readers Disgust issue--but its tattered remains seem a bit too shiny for that odious 'condensed!-books-for non-Readers' paper quality.
Argosy? maybe. (Amazing ..the idiot-details of stuff within that ∞/space of jelloware!)