IF.. the Troglodytes do not succeed in all their emergency-CYA scurrying, Surely THIS IS the straw which can get restored (in even Murica)
legal-bookshelves full of Financial Regulations with actual Teeth.

Maybe the longest-shot, ever, but: this is fucking Real Hard Data / as much as Proof: of that which weunses have always known was Occurring.
Fingers crossed--wanna see how Corporate Meeja tries to shit-can the Fact of this..

Let's keep all of us posted on the coming Fallout, EH?
Let's Have one for the senile-old Gipper, right in his wazoo..

Finally: some Good News in Spin-land!

Ed: ..and Salon chimes in with:

Wall Street power player: We’re incentivized to cheat
Wall Street: ENEMY of the [ALL] People.. [except THEIR PEOPLE.]

Sic 'em! SOON, or Weunses ALL $DIE.

Ed: PPS--Wait! there's More on the WTF is With BHO? agenda:

Judge overrules Obama to protect women’s health
also on NYT, of course.. Jeez.. ... is BHO becoming Irregularly-irregular ???