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New Point/Counterpoint

Alex Pareene's hair may be on fire.. but this 'Iconic' / now viral Pee Arrrr ploy has wreaked much more suppressed Negativity than..
had BHO tied a sick cat to his car-roof and hosed off his diarrhea ... while obeying his robotic Inner-time-clock.

[Linkies abound]:

[. . .]

It reminds me, sort of, of the House Republican and No Labels-supported “no budget, no pay” movement, which similarly missed the point. None of these people rely on their paychecks to make the rent or feed a family or pay down crushing debt. The Senate is full of millionaires; the House only looks middle-class in comparison. Instead of calling attention to the real effects of a pointless and intentionally destructive spending cut, comfortable people voluntarily “giving up” a pittance of their salaries only distracts.

These are cuts that could kill some cancer patients. They have 40-year-olds seeking to go back to war for the pay raise. The cuts will (again, entirely pointlessly) badly disrupt scientific and medical research. Anti-poverty programs across the country face cuts. People have and will continue to lose jobs without the possibility of seeking lucrative think tank, lobbying firm or cable news work instead.

[. . .]

If Obama is not [does not remain ... ...] entirely clueless about his trend of furthering the mega-deaths of Badness that gestated in The Cheney Shogunate,
then he'd best get a Guts-transplant / match his honeyed [and ..wearing thin.. ] rhetorical Promises with some fierceness appropriate to the Traitorous We-Won't-DO-Our JOBS obvious attitude of the Reactionary-Repo dittoheads.

The U.S. fucking-'governance' is not merely 'broken'--it is approaching-Terminal, as in denouement for this Empire built on Inequality-set-in-concrete.

Blood, in buckets.. next? 50/50 says my Cthulhu-Vileness-Spectrometer.
What a bunch of hypocrites--to match a bunch of Ignorati who voted-in clinical psychopaths. 'Knowingly'.
New Speaking of which ...
A lot of people voted for these jackasses. How do we turn them around without making them feel stupid?

Sure, I WANT them to feel stupid, but that doesn't make it easier for them to change.

New Gotta change the conversation.
As long as the conversation is about conventional wisdom (taxes bad, Jesus good, etc., etc.), people aren't going to throw out their elected officials. The conversation has to change.

That list of trillions hidden off shore in various hidden bank accounts might be a good place to start.


New Zowie!!
IF.. the Troglodytes do not succeed in all their emergency-CYA scurrying, Surely THIS IS the straw which can get restored (in even Murica)
legal-bookshelves full of Financial Regulations with actual Teeth.

Maybe the longest-shot, ever, but: this is fucking Real Hard Data / as much as Proof: of that which weunses have always known was Occurring.
Fingers crossed--wanna see how Corporate Meeja tries to shit-can the Fact of this..

Let's keep all of us posted on the coming Fallout, EH?
Let's Have one for the senile-old Gipper, right in his wazoo..

Finally: some Good News in Spin-land!

Ed: ..and Salon chimes in with:

Wall Street power player: We’re incentivized to cheat
Wall Street: ENEMY of the [ALL] People.. [except THEIR PEOPLE.]

Sic 'em! SOON, or Weunses ALL $DIE.

Ed: PPS--Wait! there's More on the WTF is With BHO? agenda:

Judge overrules Obama to protect women’s health
also on NYT, of course.. Jeez.. ... is BHO becoming Irregularly-irregular ???

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