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New What a nightmare.
I assume you've checked Pete Norloff's site for the fixes? If it's available and OS/2 related, he should have it.


(Note you may need to use Telnet to download the files if you're not a subscriber. Instructions are there.)

I keep hoping that Virtualization will make it possible for people to keep running OS/2 apps without worrying about drivers or special networking mojo, but it sounds like that's too much to hope for.

Good luck.

New No, it's not to be found there.
Problem is, IBM released the TCP/IP upgrade for distribution then immediately declared that was a mistake, withdrew it, demanded it not be distributed, put a price tag on it and sold it for awhile, then it became unavailable at any price.
New What version of TCP/IP stack?
New The stack isn't the problem part . . .
. . since stacks higher than 5.12.2 (fixpack 15 level) are easily downloadable from IBM - they just won't work right without the rest of the upgrade.

The package "IBM TCP/IP for Warp" to go along with the stack so it works right has to be 4.1 or 4.3. Fixpack 15 leaves it at 4.0.
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