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New Help me pinch off her oxygen tube
And I'll buy you a beer.

Kidding!! (Sorta)
New Careful
the only thing in the way is 1500 miles of highway.
Too much of today's music is fashionable crap dressed as artistry.Adrian Belew
New I know.
He is the right person to ask. And he could be here in 24 hours. The beer would be nicely chilled by then.
New Wrong request
Ask for something to add to her IV. No, not to speed up the process, just make it more comfortable. The good stuff they won't give you so you don't spend your last weeks addicted.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New From my experience hospice provides the good stuff
When my parents-in-law were dieing and hospice was involved, they gave us a care package with, among other things, injectable morphine for when the pain got intense. At the end, all unused substances were flushed.
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         Prayers and so on. -NT - (static)
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         You're in my prayers, Laura - (Nightowl)

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