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New Waiting
My mom is failing. Decides she's not ready to die. Wants treatment. Discharged from hospice today. Hospice nurse said Mom will die if she doesnt get treatment. Called the doctor. Do we admit? Can he Rx something over the phone? What good is treating her going to do, anyway? She's end stage. Why prolong the agony? Because she wants to.

Waiting for the doc to call back. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Sisters are in crisis mode.

Here we go again.
New :-(
That's rough.

I hope it ends calmly and peacefully.

Hang in there. Best wishes.

New So sorry,
Prayers, thoughts, and all that sent your way.
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New Thoughts and stuff.
You're not on the fun side of the island, that's for sure.

The outcome is assured; I hope it's as easy and dignified as possible for all involved.

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New Yeah, what they ^^ said. :-(
New More thoughts and stuff.
We're all rooting for ya... But you knew that.

(You may be a floozy, but you're *our* floozy.)

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New Well, I hope your mom finds peace.
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New Sorry for you.
Hang in there.
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New No good words, just comforting thoughts. :(
New And its true what Tom Petty said.
The waiting is the hardest part.

Thoughts are with you
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New Best thoughts, good luck.
I hope it goes relatively easy, although it never completely does. Hang in. You'll get through it. So sorry.
New Sorry to hear it. Good luck.

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New Hang in there, Laura!

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New Sorry to hear
this roller coaster is not fun.

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New No, it's not fun
It's exhausting. Doc is not admitting her. There is really no point. She wants to die at home on her own terms. She is going to go down kicking and screaming, trying to control things until the bitter end. Nobody is going to tell her what to do! She is just like me and she drives me nuts. I came back from her house. Her skin is gray, her lips and nails are blue, she is coughing up what is left of her lungs, and she tells me she is fine. Just fine and dandy.

Denial. It aint just a river in Egypt.

You know, I'm good in the active crisis, but this long drawn out business.. I'm not so good at.
New Im sorry, wish there was more I could say....
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New Help me pinch off her oxygen tube
And I'll buy you a beer.

Kidding!! (Sorta)
New Careful
the only thing in the way is 1500 miles of highway.
Too much of today's music is fashionable crap dressed as artistry.Adrian Belew
New I know.
He is the right person to ask. And he could be here in 24 hours. The beer would be nicely chilled by then.
New Wrong request
Ask for something to add to her IV. No, not to speed up the process, just make it more comfortable. The good stuff they won't give you so you don't spend your last weeks addicted.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New From my experience hospice provides the good stuff
When my parents-in-law were dieing and hospice was involved, they gave us a care package with, among other things, injectable morphine for when the pain got intense. At the end, all unused substances were flushed.
New Sorry, Laura...
She's got caring kids, though, so you'll all get through it.

-scott anderson

"Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson..."
New Serenity
is what they told us would help.
May yours, hers arrive before the wait gets too bloody long.

New Boy, talk about a rock and hard place...
My condolences and comforts to you, Bio...
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New Loving thoughts for you
Just now catching up after the campout.

So sorry to hear that things are so unpleasant.

Giving her permission to die may be in order ( but you have probably done that already) sometimes they need to hear it again.

I'll be praying for you and your sisters.

ps: treatment=placebos perhaps? just a thought.
New Prayers and so on.
"Don't give up!"
New Very sorry to hear it :(
Two out of three people wonder where the other one is.
New You're in my prayers, Laura
We just lost Dad's 98 year old sister Sunday, fortunately she went in peace.

Take care and hang in there!


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