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New dont know squat about OS2 but video cmos settings?
making sure no higher memory is being used by the video bios. Usually in the old days I would downgrade everything possible then stuff would load enuff to tweak. Again, I never successfully got OS2 to load.
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New Good point. It might be a "video aperture" issue.
IIRC, Matrox put some video memory between 512 MB and 1 GB. Maybe something like that is involved.

New Not likely.
This has symptoms of the known >512MB memory issue I've seen mentioned.

Besides, if it was a CMOS setting, I'd expect the eCS 1.2 demo CD to have an issue booting and it does not.

Still searching.....
New Been at this many years.
I've installed OS/2 on many a system over the years. There's always a hitch from time to time, but usually the solution is found.

A temporary setback only. Still searching.....
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                         Been at this many years. - (n3jja)
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