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New Bingo! Max Jammer's 'Concepts of Force' gives you a qed
--and Max takes a bow; Here are the Intro first few sentences: [Pub 1957, Harvard U. Press] 2nd Ed. (alas)


In our present age of technological progress the frightening discrepancy between our technical "know-how" and our philosophical incomprehension, in general, of basic scientific conceptions seriously endangers the integrity of our intellectual outlook. The cogitative activity of the modern scientist, who is more a technician than a philosopher, is strained to its utmost limits by the necessity for digesting the swiftly accumulating information in his specific field of research. He has little opportunity to indulge in the fundamental problems relating to the very concepts which he applies. ... ...

[. . .]

And.. here we Are--57 years later: only, Piled Higher and deeper (PHd)

Think I came across this gem at Stacy's [Sci bookstore in SF) and it seemed a possible illumination of that mysterious F so readily equated-to m x a.
Did skim same subsequently; realized that--amidst being snowed by accelerated sci-type 'teachings' / tantamount to feeling like fois gras.. I (too) had no time to digest [this treatise On 'digesting'!] the actuality behind the formulae--was Max a First then, also to incorporate ~snide recursion?

Now perhaps I Can take-the-time with Max to clarify that remaining.. which was mainly memorized technical Boolean-musical-chairs .. in their inculcation.
No. *Wonder. that so few attend academe in order to be exposed to a liberal education, as prep for the coming vicissitudes: Most-all need to cram stuff in cranoium at light-speed,
get Out and become immersed in the bizness, Big-sci or related $-games of our impoverished 21st Century cultures. Now there's doom with a capital-D.

* Wonder.. ... ... reserve No Time ever to experience That, in any lesson plan: and you Are in the 21st Century (and apparently--most of the 20th.) :-/

57 Years later .. le plus sâ change.

Nice examples, but Max suggests that we spend even more effort in civilizing All those arcane scribblings we osmosed. (Time stays. We go.)
Which always brings us back to Wordsworth and.. The world is too much with us. Getting and spending we lay waste our .. ...

OOps gotta answer an e-mail--or is this one a Summons? ... from the Ministry of Truth??

Ed: PS--seems there's a .pdf of this book, I just noticed; just G. full title 'reviews' etc.
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New Gotta move it up my reading list! Thanks for the reminder.
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