They'll buy a DSLR, and they will buy a copy of lightroom, and they will process numerous pictures where they missed the moment because they were fiddling with their camera instead of taking a photo with their phone.

DSLRs are not particularly easy to use compared to phones. Once you've invested the time and effort to understand them, they can point and shoot faster than any phone or P&S, but there is no short-circuiting the learning process.

Nowadays, phone cameras - especially those in phones like the iPhone 5/5S, Sony's Experias and Nokia's Lumia line, and even those in Samsung Galaxies - are sufficiently effective that with a little consideration and thought, they'll work better for the casual shooter than a DSLR.

Arguably the greatest candid photographer of the 20th century - Henri Cartier-Bresson - took all his pictures on a little Leica. The "decisive moment" was what mattered, not technical perfection. And that's what people who are shooting for Facebook want, too.