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New Belated comment to (this, buried-in 'Hardware'.)
(Had meant to return to this topic earlier but TMI elsewhere.. dilutes everything.)

The Arons book (scanned index and opening material) limns Precisely that which was flat-Missing! at the '50s Institute: the actual Concepts!!
And yes.. everyone Was gaming-the-(Learning!)-System via memorizing Identities, algebraic short-cuts ie. "getting numeric answers."
sans any but ... metaphorical? [substitutes for ~Understanding.]

(I might have taken a different course of action, had I seen a copy of this book, then.) Though doubt that any 'debate'
from my nascent perspective, would have been to the slightest effect. Nor had I the foggiest notions -let alone actual info- about 'pedagogy' elsewhere (well beyond my 'pay-in' grade.)
I add that: indeed "accuracy of numeric answers was of quite less import than proper method"; all fine and good, of course--but without the proper emphasis on Concepts..
The gamers win by default. Oh and; the assumption that Grad-students can, innately, Teach--is so false it's not even wrong [some few: Can.]

Can only shudder at the kinds of cramming facing a student today--given the sheer volume and acceleration-rate of incoming factoids.
(Even Max Jammer's opus--though largely of technical formulation methodology--didn't happen until 1957, but he, at least did address Concepts throughout--it's in the title too!)
Just now it could not be more Unclear (to me) whether or not such as Arons, John de Bono (and several similar addressed in these pages way-back):
Have had/are having any significant effect upon the Teachers-of-Teachers du jour. 'Hope' isn't enough.

And if.. you don't Get That right (inculcating effectively) ... then just at the time when the Planet needs as much disciplined Thinking-power as can be found?
Well, you know.. ...

Other link would be most interesting--except, in keeping with Vulture-copyrigt/everything/everywhere ... TWO bloody pages is cutting it a bit Short.
(There MUST be some Int'l Legislation soon which permits individuals to see vastly more of these ideas-locked-up in wads of greenbacks.)
Feeding-dumbth by-design! is about the worst trend I can imagine, given the entire zeitgeist.

Thanks for troubling to give great examples of your (my!) pet peeves about ... retarded pedagogy (?)

New Thanks. I remembered the wrong book.
The actual book of his that I have is "A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching" - the book above is a later, expanded, version.

http://www.amazon.co...sting/0471513415/ has it listed for as little as < $25 used. (No preview is available.)

Yes, imagine how much richer physics would be if more people hadn't been turned off in the earliest classes, and if more teachers had taught things clearly. Of course, one could say the same thing about Economics, also too. :-D

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