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New Damn.. this thing is habit-forming
L. downloaded latest (stable) Moz and got it installed w/o any handholding - loves the Mac-version layout and now has Tabbed Browsing back! Looking into whether or not she can wipe Mac-IE from the disk or if MacOffice *needs* it for HTML / won't work with Moz [??] She also managed to get DJet driver into place - so it prints now, too.

Dealer wanted $250 + $45 install labor (!!) for 512 MB DDR chip. Satech.com, down the road a piece in Silly Valley sent BOTH the Apple chip and.. 128 MB for the flaky Dell 3200 *notebook. I called at 1 pm Wed and it arrived ~noon next day, for min. ship/handling fee of $8.. Recommended vendor.

$95 for the 512MB and $39 for the notebook 128.. Took all of 23 seconds to open side, apply a little Tweek\ufffd contact enhancer and "install": Viola! a f%#$% Gigabyte Machine! Snap side closed and boot. Gawd we're jaded..

*finally found Diags disk for "Inspiron": flake was a stuck bit at a high-up address (returned 27,000,000 instead of 0. Every time.) Now it has 2x memory it had and NO BSOD since. As the bad mem had trashed disk in spots during a write: wipe and reinstall from scratch. From junker to .. Working -- maybe OK for a Knoppix/Deb conversion reeel soon now. 230 MHz/144 MB.. OK a bit slow for OO, but once it finally loads via a 20 ms Slow HD - who cares how long to Save. 'Doze version of O-Office seems fine.

I'll have to audition the Apple version of Moz tomorrow.. and maybe the fancy Pro graphics program she snagged at Student rates: Apple Loves students.. $350 instead of $1K. Scary. Seductive.

NOOO, I WON'T. I'll just watch hers. And remember Mr. Jagger's sage advice,
You Can't Always Get What You Waaant cha cha cha

Thanks all for hints. Amazing to me how much a sorta newbie+ achieved all on her own - proof of the Apple concept, I'd say.

I shoulda switched when Billy stole the Apple source and spawned wimpy bogus-95, but I was Dumb and lazy; didn't know about Ed Curry and other atrocities of the miserable little rat's ass. But I knew about DRDOS scam... :(
Let us at least hope that Steve Jobs has finally achieved maturity..
Expand Edited by Ashton March 9, 2003, 04:17:59 AM EST
New Don't forget about FINK....
[link|http://sourceforge.net/projects/fink|Fink's sourceforge D/L page]

[link|http://fink.sourceforge.net|Fink's Homepage]

I think you'll like it Ashton!
[link|mailto:curley95@attbi.com|greg] - Grand-Master Artist in IT
[link|http://www.iwethey.org/ed_curry/|REMEMBER ED CURRY!]   [link|http://pascal.rockford.com:8888/SSK@kQMsmc74S0Tw3KHQiRQmDem0gAIPAgM/edcurry/1//|ED'S GHOST SPEAKS!]
[link|http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,3959,857673,00.asp|Writing on wall, Microsoft to develop apps for Linux by 2004]
Heimatland Geheime Staatspolizei reminds:
These [link|http://www.whitehouse.gov/pcipb/cyberspace_strategy.pdf|Civilian General Orders], please memorize them.
"Questions" will be asked at safety checkpoints.
New Not to mention Fink Commander
found at [link|http://finkcommander.sourceforge.net/|http://finkcommander.sourceforge.net/]

A gui front end for Fink.

I'm no stranger to the command line, but this makes Fink *so* much easier to manage and use.

Tom Sinclair

"Man, I love it when the complete absence of a plan comes together."
- [link|http://radio.weblogs.com/0104634/|Ernie the Attorney]
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