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New A couple more newbie Qs, please?
1) Conflicting reports re the need for defrag - with default fs for OS-X, is there a need? More than one ap available? Apple tech was not credible in comments to owner.

2) re the "Help" system - like a bat out of Redmond, it single-mindlessly wants to go online for Everything, even if she has downloaded much of the salient topics. Guess that when I drop by, I'll have to go online to seek Help on Help (about a non-live option) - unless someone else has found this annoying too. Love paradox.

3) Any known problems re sleep mode glitches? That is, on a few occasions the monitor appears to be resistant to reawakening, though the box sounds active. No kb or mouse activity seems effective at such times - cold boot needed. This if walk away in mid-tutorial or Mozlla (which, BTW - has crashed a few times eithe unattended or while using.

Oh well.. there's always the Selectric.



New Uhhhh....
[link|/forums/render/user?username=ashton|ashton]?? is this an a.k.a. for the real [link|/forums/render/user?username=Ashton|Ashton]

Or Have you inserted the new KNOPPIX disks?
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New typo + Knoppix on laptops!
and 'ashton' left over from early log-in problems via some artifact of (still there) in ^%#^%# WebWasher..

Hey... I got K. to (sorta) work on my obs. Tecra P120, 40 MB - via the boot floppy -en and all.. K. missed the sound card in a Dell 3200 and in the ('96) Tecra. Slow as molasses of course w/ 40 mb on Tecra; OK speed on the mere 266 MHz Dell w/ 144 MB.

Getting schizo bouncing btween 'Doze and Apple and K... these machine s are Eeevul.

(more on your recent CARE package just arrived.. anon. Johnny Knopixseed!)

New sleep mode on mine needs a press of the return key
sometimes. I have never defragged my disk because it is ufs so fairly more efficient than winders. Uses all bits to store info, no gaps unused. Had the box since 11/01 and still grabs crap off the disk efficiently. Net help is easier to maintain elsewhere so that is apples model. For under the hood man works pretty well.
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