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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Thanx all for hints - security re 10.2.4 noted.
My impressions -

^#$%^^& 'Help' appears to be 100% web-based. Should this go further in the Beast's .nyet direction, it could still be curtains. Info seems a bit dumbed-down too, though not as effusively as Billyware. I had hoped that there would be levels of answers, from Mickey's Big Hand on down to enough description to build a map of the System in one's head.

Nada Zippo about even the GUI layout - printed. The booklet is mainly about mechanical setup. Mouse-around is fun, but you can't take that to the john and absorb. Ah well.. they'll always have Google.

Still.. it's Art, and they are doing well figuring it all out, with little need for much "how this works" stuff from me (fortunately). I'll have to track down whatever passes for a firewall + filters, though.

(I'm Really glad that there's just no way I could rationalize trading a second-born for one o' these beauties)

New firewall
click on system preferences, (tool bar bottom) in the internet panel click on sharing, then click on the firewall tab. Read carefully. Ensure "NO" boxes are checked and the firewall is in the "ON" state. that should keep it quiet. I still spend time mousing around the system to learn the gui stuff. Luckily (for me anyway) the terminal is just a click away so Im off in CLI land to my hearts content.
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