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New never read them
He was the only person in my killfile when I followed the OS/2 newsgroups. A cry-wolf kinda guy - so much BS that any valid statements are lost in the flood.

That said, I checked it over and see a number of half-truths - such as a third CD consisting of freely available files. Yeah, the 3rd disk does contain freely available files, but it also contains not-so-free stuff like Lotus SmartSuite, Hoblink X11, etc. along with a nice front-end for installing it all.

Looks like Jack might have some input - I turned to eCS Canadian distributor, Jack Troughton's eCS support forum but he quickly and noisely banned my questions and requests for assistance

Darrell Spice, Jr.

[link|http://home.houston.rr.com/spiceware/|SpiceWare] - We don't do Windows, it's too much of a chore

New Tim Martin AKA The Martian
My news server actually has about 700 people using it a day now. It's main selling point is that it's a Tim Free zone... Tim's posts, and any replies to his posts, don't appear on the server. I don't even have to market it anymore... some of the active users do it for me:

"Is there any way to get this clown to shut up?"

"Use Jack's server at news.consultron.ca."


I've been accused by Tim of fraud, lying, outright theft, and probably of abusing small dogs. He adds nothing but piss and wind to the newsgroups. He has systematically destroyed the main OS/2 newsgroups over the last five years (apps, misc, advocacy) and wanted to do the same thing to the ecomstation private newsgroups. However, since they're private, we get to control access... and he didn't get access.

We believe that Tim is a guy named Larry Chauvet who works at HUD in San Francisco. Having seen the various evidences of this, it actually is a pretty compelling case... and the evidence of him just having a grudge against the platform is pretty compelling too... in '95, Chauvet (who ran a BBS at the time) declared he was quitting the platform and that IBM was evil and that he would be happy to trash it any way he could. Shortly afterwards, Tim Martin appeared as the web master of Warp City. He's also posted as Webrider, Mai Fong, Jeff Welton, and various other personae... he's got more sock puppets than I've got socks, and he's been caught completely red-handed a very large number of times. He stopped sock-puppeting from work via groups.google.com after someone (I'm not sure who but I have suspicions;) forwarded a collection of the posts from HUD to their San Francisco office:)
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     IBM to discontinue sales of OS/2 - (Andrew Grygus) - (32)
         LOL - (cwbrenn) - (8)
             ...? - (admin) - (7)
                 eCS = eComStation - (SpiceWare) - (6)
                     Odd. - (admin) - (5)
                         never read them - (SpiceWare) - (1)
                             Tim Martin AKA The Martian - (jake123)
                         Rarely valid, always strident. - (cwbrenn) - (2)
                             Re: Rarely valid, always strident. - (admin) - (1)
                                 LOL - (cwbrenn)
         Psyche - (admin) - (1)
             That's good news... - (folkert)
         Re: IBM to discontinue sales of OS/2 - (deSitter) - (3)
             don't bet on it - (cwbrenn) - (2)
                 LRPD Alert? (new thread) - (CRConrad)
                 Actually... - (n3jja)
         Does this mean the Death of OS/2? - (orion) - (16)
             IBM later stated that . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (15)
                 So OS/2 is not dead then, just pining for the Fjords? ;) - (orion)
                 Pricing and sourcing... - (kmself) - (13)
                     Re: Pricing and sourcing... - (rickmoen) - (12)
                         Re: Pricing and sourcing... - (deSitter) - (11)
                             Micrografx did a lot of PresManager. MS did HPFS. Etc., etc. -NT - (Another Scott)
                             Re: Pricing and sourcing... - (rickmoen) - (9)
                                 The WPS was first in 2.0 (post split) and was all IBM. -NT - (Another Scott) - (8)
                                     Re: The WPS was first in 2.0 (post split) and was all IBM. - (rickmoen) - (7)
                                         Some clarification. - (Another Scott) - (6)
                                             Re: Some clarification. - (deSitter) - (1)
                                                 Re: Some clarification. - (orion)
                                             Re: Some clarification. - (rickmoen) - (3)
                                                 Bullshit, Rick - it's YOU who are changing the subject! - (CRConrad) - (1)
                                                     Re: Bullshit, Rick - it's YOU who are changing the subject! - (rickmoen)
                                                 The Horror! Subject creep on zIWeThey! Whoda thunkit. :-/ -NT - (Another Scott)

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