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New Ah, but then my unholy revelry would be faked.
I've spent an unreasonable amount of thought on the line Janet sings in Rocky Horror: "His lust is so sincere". Now, on the surface, that's a big "DUH!" because that's the nature of lust. But wait: Brad has earlier sung about how hot he is for her, and it's pretty clear he's just being conventional. Brad's lust is not sincere.

Now, I could swill green mead and gnaw raw meat with sincere lust. As for kimchee and lutefisk, well, those would be just for effect. And if I'm just going for effect, I might as well wear a tie. And pants.

New lrpadism alert
And if I'm just going for effect, I might as well wear a tie. And pants.
Microsoft offers them the one thing most business people will pay any price for - the ability to say "we had no choice - everyone's doing it that way." -- [link|http://z.iwethey.org/forums/render/content/show?contentid=38978|Andrew Grygus]
New No idle threat!
I just ran into that as an LRPD.

Far less annoying than the sarcastic comment (something about never saying "I can't" in a job interview) I made on an email list that has ended up in several lists of motivational sayings.

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