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New Can see it here... And Amazon prices are getting better.
In fact, I can get all 106 customer reviews here while I'm logged in there. The page is different from the one I saw earlier in the day (it shows 2 Spotlight Reviews and 2 more Customer Reviews now)

I'm on a .com domain, but I'd rather not say which...

BTW, Amazon's prices seem to have gotten much better recently on computer hardware. They've been as cheap as or cheaper than NewEgg.com on some items I purchased recently (e.g. a Samsung 40x12x40 CD-RW for $59.99 boxed vs $70 for the OEM version from NewEgg.).

New Weird
I'm logged in. Accessing from surewest.net I can see the review from the link provided. No other customer reviews are listed. If I click customer review on the sidebar, I get one 5 star review ("splish splash for my new fishy affirmation!"). I don't see the 106 customer reviews you mention anywhere. And there are no spotlight reviews. There is a bunch of stuff under editorial reviews too.

Avg review is 4 stars (5+1)/2=4??
Chris Altmann
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