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New Sometime in the winter of 92/93
One day hit -37 F in Middlesex and -43 F near Johnson, where I was driving to. My car was an old Subaru DL with a heater that could either keep the windshield clear, or my hands warm. I figured seeing the road was rather important, so the windshield it was.

Halfway through, it started snowing inside as my breath condensed against the roof of the car. Fun trip...
New Drove a heatless Dodge for a year in NJ 4 years ago
Ice and slush on the road that I had to take 30 miles two ways each day. For about 3 months. Frozen windshield that I had to get out and scrape off every 5 minutes. Wipers did nothing and high strength ice windshield wiper fluid froze solid.

Good times
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                     Sometime in the winter of 92/93 - (scoenye) - (1)
                         Drove a heatless Dodge for a year in NJ 4 years ago - (crazy)

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