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New Masterful.. Piet Hein would give a nod
In my little square-shaped copy of Runaway Runes
(one of his 40 published, by '68 when I got this in København [btw it's Copenhagen-long-A as in "The Hague" ... not f'ing "-hog".)

..which I ran across this afternoon, there were some "compact reviews":

The impact of Piet Hein ... on the English speaking world may be considerable ... he comes to its attention as a full-blown developed genius.
Often proposed for the Nobel prize.

LIFE (mag.)

... conciliation would be far easier if adversaries would only heed the aphoristic advice of the Danish Scientist-Poet Piet Hein: The Noble Art of Losing Face ...
TIME (mag. too before it burned out)

and from Norway:
Critics find Piet Hein incomparable. On the contrary, he is comparable even with Goethe ... Goethe's masterly »knittelverse« or »Über allen Gipfeln«, don't you think?
Herman Wildelvey

also from there: The Nobel prize should be proud to be given to Piet Hein.
Arvid Dahle

The noble art of losing face
may one day save the human race
and turn into eternal merit
what weaker minds would call disgrace.

And he had more coming. Mentioned In 1968.
But just the ones in THIS teensy book-let, attended by other than the feeble-minded: could have obviated [most every foreign adventure of the ignorant-Shogunate]--for just One example.

So homo-sap has had No Excuse.. for at least ... the last 47 years. :-/
New Heh

Growing up, ^this^ is the Piet Hein the songs you learn in school are about, even in Belgium...

You mean the Danish edition, I take?
New Quite.. also,
Holy Shite! he/my guy ..had same birthday as Beethoven (et moi!) GMTA.
Alas, your guy seems never to have created a single grook; pen mightier than the cutlass?

A direct descendant of Hein was Piet Hein, a famous 20th century Danish mathematician, physicist and poet.
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