Find the knuckle-draggers who insist that we can have their guns when we pry them from their cold, dead fingers. Accommodate them.
every pissed off armed vet, pissed of non vet who thinks the gummint is out to get them and every pissed off cop who hates getting shot at by pissed off criminals who think the cops are out to get them and every pissed off person who doesn't currently own one who will buy one before they are banned vs the "gummint" I cant have my rifle the 75 ml I always wanted is at the armory gets his wish. You want a bloodbath that makes ISIS a fart in a teapot go ahead and try it. I know how to commandeer a large amount of heavy weapons and I am one of many. We are not a country that blindly follows every stupid political order. In Mississippi the arsenals would be gutted the first day of the new law and the high tech boats being produced by the navy in pascagoula would be on route under stealth to freedom fighters. Hook up with the cartels and california would be liberated. Hope you still remember your boleta verde numero